No need to worry about Thursday's snow forecast

AMARILLO, TX - Anytime the word, "snow" is mentioned here on the High Plains, panic usually follows with thousands rushing to the local grocery store to stock up for the "big storm!" Well, the snow that is forecast for Thursday is NOT going to be a "big storm" by any means. In fact, the latest computer model data indicates that just a "dusting" of snow is forecast for the majority of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles by 6pm on Thursday. There could be upwards of 1 inch of snow in the northwestern corner of the Texas Panhandle, the western Oklahoma Panhandle and northeastern New Mexico. Around 2 inches of snow is possible in and around the Sierra Grande mountain in Union County, NM, where the cities of Des Moines and Capulin are located. Otherwise, the biggest threat we will see on Thursday will be the combination of very cold, Arctic air that will keep our temps in the teens and 20s! Combine this very cold air with strong winds blowing from the northeast at speeds averaging 20-30 mph with some gusts upwards of 40-50 mph and wind chill values will hover in the single digits to as low as -10! Bundle up and of course, stay tuned to our team of meteorologists here at Storm Search 7 as we will continue to keep you updated before, during and after this possible snow event!