No more snoozing! Back-To-School is back in stores

By only mid-July, the shelves in Target in Amarillo had already been packed with school supplies for two weeks.

For many parents and students, that's a frightening trend to be seen in many stores around the area as most are already stocking their shelves with "Back To School" supplies.

"I think it's too early to do some back to school shopping," laughed mother Anna Rohrbach, who was out shopping with her son. "It actually did cross my mind but school is actually starting later this year so we have a little bit more time to be thinking about it."

That seemed to be the consensus for many parents Pronews 7 spoke with Tuesday, however, representatives at Target said it's the customers agenda that sets just how early Target stocks its seasonal items.

"The shopping patterns of the guests determine when we want to bring our Back to School out or Christmas or Halloween," said Store Team Leader Jamie Chumbley. "Sometimes, based on previous years feedback, we get a lot of feedback from out guests, we need to set out our Valentines stuff sooner after Christmas and we will."

According to Chumbley, some of the hotter items on the shelves are construction paper and manilla envelopes. Those are constantly being restocked.

Lots of parents agreed it's easier to find deals on all those needed supplies later in the Back To School season, but even then, some said it's not worth the hassle.

"Don't procrastinate because you'll end up with scraps or won't end up with anything," said mother of three, Amber McCloy.

"The later that you wait, the more hectic it does get," added Rohrbach. "It's crazy, you can't find what you're actually needing. I choose to go early and pay more."

Parents already searching out local school supplies lists can find a number of them already in stores like Target and Walmart. As the school year approaches, most lists will be added to the bunch already in those stores.