No Limits No Excuses releases 2013 community report card

The Amarillo College Business and Industry Center held a press conference for the 2013 No Limits No Excuses community report card today.

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and over 20 local entities, the initiative hopes to increase the number of Amarillo residents that pursue an secondary education after high school.

The report card was designed to promote awareness about the educational barriers that exist in the community. Among those barriers are poverty, educational resources and income.


he report card found that A
marillo is far below the state average in terms of employment
, financial stability and health.


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imits N
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xcuses plans to expand its resources to help students, ages 16 to 26, find living income wages after high school graduation. They hope to provide the tools that will lead to stable income and health benefits for young adults in the community.

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