No charges filed against driver who hit cyclist

Cynthia Whitney, cyclist killed after struck by motorist

It's being called a tragic accident. Wednesday, ProNews 7 confirmed the case of Gaige Sippy, who hit bicyclist Cindy Whitney, went before a Randall County grand jury.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren tells ProNews 7 the grand jury chose not to take any action on the matter.

Farren said that the decision ends their involvement in the case, unless someone brings additional evidence.

Whitney died after being hit by Sippy's pickup, while riding her bike down U.S. 87 on July 17th. Sippy told authorities he was driving, dropped his cell phone and he was reaching down to grab it, and accidentally hit the cyclist.

Many people we spoke with, who were close to Cindy, are frustrated by this decision. They said it's just a tragic loss, and one that deserves attention. Family and friends said even though the grand jury took no action, they have to live with the reality, that caused this tragic ending.

"I don't know. I'm a little disappointed that maybe there wasn't a verdict that came down, it's left to the hands of the court. That's a decision they had to make, they had the evidence, it's hard to have a real opinion right now because it really hasn't soaked in," said Rodney Hess, the President of the Old Tascosa Cycling Club.

But he's hoping the message about sharing the road will soak in and that these programs will heighten awareness for drivers to pay attention.

"Hopefully through legislation we can do something about texting and driving, cell phones and driving, whatever may come about maybe it will get people more aware that they need to really pay attention when driving," said Hess.

Paying attention is a big part of the Share The Road message. The group met with TxDOT Wednesday eveing to find new ways to improve the safety of cyclists, runners, walkers, and motorists on the road.