Nine month old possibly sick from city water

Imagine giving your baby his bottle, and then later noticing that your water is a murky yellowish brown.

After a water main break near Mockingbird and Paramount last week, the city says it told residents to flush their lines, but it was too late.

When Brittany Deckard woke up Wednesday, she says her water was off.

When it was turned back on, she made nine-month-old Teddy his bottle.

After she noticed the water wasn't clean, she took the bottle away from Teddy, but by then it was too little too late.

It around two hours later that Brittany says little Teddy started to get a little upset.

"After about two hours, he started getting really grumpy and of course had dirty diapers and what not and we took him to the emergency room later that night."

Teddy had a temperature of more than 100 degrees, so the doctor decided to take cultures to find out what it was that was making him so sick.

"The only thing he had to eat that day was the bottle and that was his first one the whole day and that was the only thing relative to his sickness that could have made him sick."

The doctors said they thought it could be something bacterial, and then during our interview Brittany received a phone call from her doctor that confirmed just that.

"Okay...okay... thank you, bye. That was the doctor and they said it was bacterial."

We called the City of Amarillo to find out what possible legal ramifications could come from this if the tests show that it was the water that made baby Teddy sick, and this is what they had to say...

City repaired a main break at 3201 Mockingbird on November 2, 2011,

City crews advised nearby residents to flush their lines (run water till clear).

City Lab test results indicated adequate chlorine required for public health.

City's liability in such a case would be low to none, due to (1) immunities in the law and (2) intentional conduct of an adult giving a baby brown water.

Brittany Deckard expects to get the results of the culture test tomorrow, but judging from the city's statement, it may not be liable for any illness Teddy may have gone through.