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      New water saving conventional irrigation product

      I t i s no secret that the Panhandle is prone to drought . L ast year being a perfect example.

      B ut a new product is on the market that its maker says will help conserve more than 50 percent of water.

      M ichael Croy, the vice president of sustainability and conservation with KISSS America, visited Amarillo and Canyon to promote the new irrigation product.

      " I t's a subsurface irrigation system that saves 50-77 percent of the water that you would use normally in conventional irrigation , " said Croy.

      It is fairly new in the United States and has not yet caught on. But Croy says Amarillo will be a leader when it comes to the new technology.

      "it is just very new to people, " said Croy. "S ome people are used to standard drip technology and we are an improvement on drip."

      D rip is also underground but it distributes water every 12 to 18 inches , where as KISSS distributes the water evenly.

      C roy says that so many people use traditional sprinklers because they like to see that their yards are being watered.

      " W hen you spray the water into the air in windy Amarillo some of it blows away, some of it evaporates and a lot of it will run off. That's what you see running down the street."

      KISSS was installed at the Bowie Middle School football field last week and Croy says it should help save thousands of gallons of water every day.

      " T he more water we can save today the better we'll be environmentally in the future , " Croy said.

      And that is really his main goal. To conserve water, especially in drought plagued areas like the Panhandle.