New voting machines for Oklahoma

It may only be January, but the 2012 Election year is already in full swing. The People of


face a number of changes in the way they'll vote. .

These new voting machines are now in every polling location in Oklahoma. This week, to help get voters familiar with them,

Texas County

and every county in Oklahoma staged a mock election.

"In an effort to test out the new equipment, so it allows the public to vote for some of their favorite things and get them familiar with the new system," said La Fonda Limon, Texas County Election Board Secretary.

Voters were shown how the new machines work to get them ready for the busy election season. From the March 6th Presidential Primary, to two public school elections February 14th, and then November.

"Texhoma is actually having a bond proposition and then Goodwell is having their annual school election for position two board member," said Limon.

Election officials say there's a lot of modern technology in that new equipment. Voters will still mark a paper ballot, but they don't have to color in a box anymore.

It's supposed to count ballots more accurately, and offer extra security. But more importantly, for those who are handicapped, the machines are more user-friendly.

"Anyone that is visually impaired can now vote on this device independently and with the confidence that they're actually voting for the person that they want in privacy. A person that is handicap and uses a sim-puff are also able to vote with this machine independently."

"I was a little hesitant when I came in because I thought it was going to be too sensitive to the marks and it's pretty easy and I kind of like it, they answered my questions, and I really feel a lot more comfortable about it," said Chet Krone, Texas County Voter.

You must have a photo ID with you as well. Here's what qualifies in Oklahoma.

A voter ID card, state driver's license, military card with a photo, passport with a photo, indian tribal card with photo, a state ID card, or a state license to carry a concealed weapon.

You can use any one of them to make sure your vote counts.

If you live in Texas County, there's a number you can call with questions about voter registration and election dates. It's the County Election Board 1-580-338-7644.