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      New treatment gives mom enough time to deliver healthy baby

      CNN -- A terminally ill woman gives birth to a healthy baby boy, thanks to a revolutionary treatment.

      After hearing what Yesenia Ruiz-Rojo did to get the chance to hold her 6-month-old baby boy, you'll understand why we are calling this special moment as she kisses her healthy baby boy a miracle.

      Doctors told Yesenia that she only had a few months left to live. She had a tumor covering 65 percent of her liver. Yesenia was four months pregnant at the time and doctors gave her little hope for her baby, too.

      Yesenia told doctors all she wanted was for them to save her baby.

      Dr. Raul Palacios, Brooke Army Medical Center's chief of interventional radiology, along with a team of other doctors came up with a treatment plan to save the Army wife and her baby -- a first case of its kind for them.

      Doctors went with a new therapy called selective internal radiation therapy, which can shrink or kill the tumor. They were amazed out the outcome.

      The treatment allowed Yesenia to get through most of her pregnancy and able to give birth to her healthy baby boy.

      She thanks doctors at the center because she's able to cherish these moments, and they've given her enough time to write all she can in a journal for her son to read and know about the mother who saved him.

      Yesenia is currently in California with her family. She is receiving hospice care.