New tool to deter thieves

The Amarillo Crime Stoppers has a new tool to help deter thieves. It's called "DataDots". They're small dots that with a kit you can place on your valuables like a TV, laptop, bicycle, even an air conditioning unit and copper. Items commonly stolen around town. For thieves, these "DataDots" are hard to see. The "DataDot" kit you order has everything you'll need including instructions on how to place the dots on your valuables, and how you can register your information.

"You go online to a secure website they enter in all of their information, because they'll have their own DNA, basically, it's like a serial number. So once they get these things entered in, it will have all their personal information in how to be contacted in case officers locates their property later," said Corporal Sean Slover, Amarillo Crime Stoppers.

Cpl. Slover says Crime Stoppers is excited because they're hoping these new "DataDots" will slow down thefts around town.

"With all of our church burglars and air conditioners that have been taken, you know, scrap metal, copper wiring all these things can be marked quit easily so we're hoping anything we can do to detour crime, that's the name of the game," said Cpl. Slover.

You can go to Amarillo Crime Stoppers website to purchase the "DataDot" kits. Part of the proceeds will go toward Crime Stoppers.