New Texas laws: What you need to know

September 1, that's Thursday, means a few changes for, or additions to, Texas laws.

One you might have been looking forward to -- no more night-time speed limits.

"You get out on that highway after dark, where it was going down from 70 to 65, it's going to remain at 70 miles per hour. Really doesn't affect us inside the City because the speed limit is reduced anyway but when you're traveling, people may like that benefit", said Amarillo Police Department Corporal Jerry Neufeld.

After numerous speed studies are conducted, some Texas roads could even see an increase in speed limits up to around 75 miles per hour. But, before you toot your horn, it's probably going to be a while before Texans see those changes.

"It's looking like towards the end of 2013, they should have all that stuff done and signs up in place on those particular roads that are designed to be at 75 mph", said Texas DPS Trooper, Gabriel Medrano.

I f you're interested in a few of the lesser - known new Texas laws -- hog hunting out of a helicopter will be legal, and not only on your own land. But maybe 'noodling' is more your thing, Texans will now be allowed to go fishing...with their bare hands.

E ven games like dominoes received the attention of the Texas Legislature, as the domino game of 42 is now the official State Table Game of Texas.

F or most Texans, though, it's probably the speed limit changes that will affect us the most. But law enforcement officials are quick to remind you, don't let that lead foot get the best of you.

"No speeding ever. If you're going to speed, don't get out there on the road, go to the racetrack", laughed Trooper Medrano.

Medrano added that night-time speed limit signs are expected to be taken down and put away by the end of this year.