New surgical procedure leaves barely-there scar

With physical beauty being a central focus in today's society, a new surgical procedure leaving only a tiny scar on the bellybutton is becoming more popular amongst patients.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery is performed on gallbladders, colons and other parts of the body using a single incision as opposed to the usual three or four. Because the instruments enter the body through the bellybutton, the scar is hidden and is only about a centimeter long.

"All the instruments go through this one port or one incision," Surgical Oncologist Dr. Shane Holloway said. "So, it basically reduces the number of incisions the patient has, doing the exact same thing as you would with multiple incisions."

Along with the barely-there scar, Dr. Holloway pointed out there are other advantages, as well.

"Usually there's more rapid recoveries meaning the patients get to spend less time in the hospital," he said, "less pain afterwards, quicker return to work, quicker return to normal activities, the less scars they have, the less chance for wound infections, less chances for hernias..."

The Covidien Innovation Tour offers several training modules for doctors and other staff to practice the procedure on. The trailer was at Baptist St. Anthony's Monday, giving Dr. Holloway and others the opportunity to demonstrate how the procedure is done.