New spa adds 'Float Pods' to list of services

Cawthon Brown, a Float Pod technician, begins filling up the second pod for Montage Spa.

They may look strangeâ??even like a spaceshipâ??but for soonâ??to-open Montage Salon they are the newest feature that owners hope will attract customers.

The float pod is an isolated salt bath filled with 900 lbs. of Epson salt and 160 gallons of water. Because of the huge amounts of dissolved salt, spa-goers are able to float across the surface of the water while enclosed in the pod for 60 minutes while experiencing relaxing light therapy.

â??Itâ??s very relaxing just because youâ??re floating and youâ??re in your own space and with being submerged in Epson salt like this, itâ??s very good for the skin and it just allows for your muscles to unwind and be less tense,â?? said Float Pod technician Cawthon Brown. â??Itâ??s very therapeutic as far as rest and when it comes to every day operations, itâ??s very good to get away and just have a place to unwind and kind of relax.â??

The water is set to be around body temperature helping the body relax while floating amongst the salt. Brown said the health benefits of the relaxation, water, and salt mixture are extensive, and the benefits of the hour-long treatment can help with anxiety even as severe as PTSD.

â??We find that PTSD patients actually benefit from this because theyâ??re actually able get inside of this device and cope with the things that theyâ??ve deal with in that environment. It kind of puts them back in that space and lets them work with it as opposed to fighting it,â?? said Brown.

The spa is a branch of the current Montage Spa and is set to open Tuesday, September 2nd. The goal of adding these new-age devices was to attract new customers and bring something different and exciting to the Panhandle.

â??We wanted to bring something to the Panhandle that no one has ever seen or done here and this is such a growing trend in the United States and it has so many health benefits, we were super excited to bring the float pods here,â?? said salon and spa owner, Shanna Elza.

The device costs $22,500 plus the cost of salt and the spa will be offer two separate float pods. A cost that Elza said they were willing to take on to have something that generates money and excitement without needing extra manpower.