New Red Light Cameras to go up in Amarillo

The City of Amarillo is putting up new red light cameras at 10th and Taylor, just before exiting the city on the south side.

Theyâ??re putting two in two blocks on Amarillo Boulevard, at Pierce and at Fillmore, both westbound.

Theyâ??re moving the camera at 3rd and Pierce to Tascosa Road and Amarillo Boulevard, an increasingly congested area.

The City says the red light cameras are working.

Traffic Engineer Jerry Bird says recidivism is low. He says about 95% of people who get a ticket donâ??t get another.

The city contracts the lights from American Traffic Solutions.

They pay the company a flat fee of $4,750 a camera per month.

With nine lights that comes out to $513,000 a year.

The City splits their revenue in half with the state.

Last year they made about $136,000, money used exclusively for traffic safety projects like the crosswalk across Coulter near Texas Tech.