New red light cameras in operation

Three new red light cameras have been set up in Amarillo.

Two are at Amarillo Boulevard, heading westbound at Fillmore and Pierce.

Another has been put at 10th and Taylor heading south.

The camera at 3rd and Pierce has been moved to Tascosa Road and the Boulevard.

Castle Furniture has been at the corner of Fillmore and the Boulevard for several years.

Manager Kenneth Graham says accidents always occur at the location. He says he believes the cameras will make a positive difference. "People do need to slow down and watch out for children. Hopefully the cameras will make them aware of that too."

The City of Amarilloâ??s Sonya Gross says, "Through the end of October youâ??ll receive a warning but come November 1st those become violationsâ?¦The charge is $75â?¦Save lives, save money, donâ??t run red lights."