New mayor looks at goals for Clovis

David Lansford, who earned 2,914 votes Tuesday, already has some ideas in mind he thinks will create of new vision for the city of Clovis.

Lansford expects to be sworn in on Friday after beating Incumbent Mayor Gayla Brumfield, who received 1,710 votes.

"She's (Brumfield) been civically involved trying to do her part to make Clovis a better place to live and work," Lansford said. "And I wish her well and I hope that her and I can continue to work together in the future."

Lansford, who previously served three consecutive terms as mayor, returned to politics after taking time off to be with his family.

"I think the community basically said, 'Let's get a fresh start and let's re-prioritize what the goals are for the community.'"

Lansford said he intends to continue Brumfield's Ute Water Project, as well as implement some ideas of his own.

"I think we need to take a serious look at some of our public safety concerns- police and fire, emergency response and those kinds of things. Of course, we need to fortify our relationships with the military folks who live here in Clovis."

He also mentioned taking a look at city roads and holding more Town Hall meetings to hear what the people expect from their local government.

Along with his duties as mayor, Lansford will continue his work at Roden Smith Pharmacy and, according to him, those two jobs both allow him to get to know the citizens of Clovis and their concerns.

"As a pharmacist, fortunately, I have the opportunity to do that on a personal basis, and then as mayor I am accessible here," he said. "People come in and want to speak to me and if I have time I step aside and visit with them. If I don't, I make arrangements to meet them later, have them call me at home."