New layout for the developments in Pampa

The new developments on the old junior high school property in Pampa have a new layout. Open Range Development, the development company in charge of the project, replatted the land for smaller commercial lots and garden style homes.

Initially, the layout included town houses.

Open Range Development said the decision to replatt the land reflects the feedback they received from the citizens.

"We originally developed town homes with a homeowners association and we found out that most of the people here really prefer not to be a part of a homeowners association," said Lee Waters with Open Range Development.

One of the commercial lot will house a Bennigan's and another lot has been just purchased, according to Waters.

Despite what looks like a delay, they say the Bennigan's is still on schedule to open in May.

"We closed that transactionâ?¦ last fall and that's been concluded. We've heard different things but for all we know right now the project is still on," Waters said.

The City of Pampa said this development will contribute to the growing trend the city has seen.

Donny Hooper, the director of public works for the city of Pampa, said the city will get a new hotel, other commercial developments in addition to this development, all within this year.

"We're just seeing a great growth here that has continued over the past 5 years. But in particular this year, we could see over 20 million in construction," Hooper said.