New group joins the Eveline Rivers Christmas Toy Run

The Eveline Rivers Christmas Project skipped out on their 2012 toy run, but the group is back stronger than ever this year and invited another group of motorists to join the cause.

There's no reindeer or Santa Claus, but for a project that started out of a garage, the group made it feel like Christmas in Amarillo at its annual toy run.

President of the Eveline Rivers Christmas Board, Millie Bingham, said, "This year we'll probably have close to 9,500 children that we will provide Christmas for."

In 1979, the project provided clothes and toys for a total of 43 children in the Amarillo and Canyon area. Even now, after serving thousands of children, founder, Eveline Rivers wants no recognition for the project's success.

"It was a step-by-step process." Rivers said. "I feel wonderful, but it's not me who makes this work, it's all of my board and all of the volunteers."

The bikers who participated in the toy run said it's not only their mission to provide needy children with toys, but with clothes, blankets and school supplies come December. And although 2012 went without the run of Mrs. Claus, the group came back with an even better plan for 2013.

"I don't know how we missed it, but I went to Eveline, probably about six, seven months ago and said 'ya know, we can't let that happen.'" Bingham said. "We invited the custom car and truck clubs and so we expect a few of them out here."

The group will be taking donations and goods anytime before the first week in November when it starts to put the Christmas packages together. The Christmas project's warehouse is located at 314 S. Jefferson.