New full-body scanner changes airport security

Be prepared to get a full-body scan next time you go through security at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport.

Thursday, TSA introduced a new piece of technology to passengers. Passengers will walk into the full-body scanner, hold their arms above their head for a few seconds, and walk out in about the same amount of time as usual. The scan will "only" show officials an outline of the persons body and will only alert on a specific area of the body where a prohibited item was detected, eliminating the need for a complete body pat-down.

"It's enhanced security where in the past to find things other than that, we got into pat down procedures and other things," said TSA's West Texas Federal Security Director, John Sides. "It enables us to find things in the past we did not have the capability to detect."


he new scanner alerts on both metal and non-metal objects, so you can't even walk through holding your boarding pass.

"The magic to making the technology work is that you've got to completely divest yourself of everything that's on your person," added Sides. "Where in the past you were able to carry maybe you're boarding pass through the walk-through metal detector, now you've got to divest yourself of everything that's on your person."