New Dumas Police Chief making impact

"Chief Nelson has been a breath of fresh air to the Dumas Police Department and the community." Gayla Cox of the domestic violence shelter in Dumas, Safe Place, is not alone in her assessment of Police Chief Jim Nelson. Nelson replaced Chief Dale Alvan and has worked to improve relations with the community.

Nelson says thatâ??s his philosophy. "Although we are law enforcement, the people we serve are customers and we like to have customer satisfaction."

Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades says Nelson has his officers walk through the schools on the weekends so they will know their way around if anything happens. Heâ??s also worked closely with Safe Place.

Cox says Nelson was instrumental "in getting the new recruits of the Dumas Police Department into Safe Place so we could educate them on sexual assault and family violence."

Nelson says "itâ??s not all about catching bad people and putting them in jail. Itâ??s also helping out in the community."