New City of Amarillo logo causes stir

New City of Amarillo Logo paired with EMAAR logo.

The new logo for the city of Amarillo has resulted in questions of possible trademark infringement.

The new logo looks very similar to one used by a Dubai-based global property developer.

Double-U Marketing had been given the task to come up with a logo and message but the city did not use that logo.

They instead chose one created by a city employee.

They say they vetted the logo for some time prior to the unveiling and did not find a match.

Sonja Gross, Community Relations Coordinator for the City says, "We did vet the logo before it went live and after several searches. Somehow it fell through the cracks. We did not find the logo that is out there on social media and it was brought to my attention this morning that one did exist.ã?? We are investigating it."

The City says they intend to keep the logo at least until the investigation is completed.