New businesses open up in various parts of Amarillo

Acai bowl from the Acai Bar in Amarillo. (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC 7)

Small-locally owned businesses are becoming popular according to a specialist from the West Texas A&M University Small Business Development Center (WT SBDC). There are several opening in Downtown Amarillo and on the south side of Amarillo.

A director from WT SBDC said small businesses are becoming more achievable to accomplish on a local-level in Texas.

"Texas in general is a pretty business-friendly state, so actually starting a business is easy," said David Dickerson, Assistant Director at the WT SBDC. "You could run down to the county courthouse and file your paperwork before lunch today and officially be in business. Getting some customers and making some money, that's a little bit harder."

Businesses are popping up in various areas around town. The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce tells ABC 7 that more than 100 new businesses joined the chamber since 2016.

"Small businesses are what have driven are economy," said Dickerson. "The big companies may hire a lot of people, but they also lay off a lot of people."

He said small businesses are the way to go and some Amarillo residents said they are more willing to support small, local businesses.

"We're always excited to be able to support a local business so if it's downtown, we'd travel downtown to check it out," said Kelly Burton, Amarillo Resident.

It can be difficult to start a new business, according to Dickerson. An owner of a brand-new Amarillo business said it took a lot of planning, but so far her dream has been a success.

"There were several obstacles," said Patty Schniederjan, owner of The Acai Bar. "As far as finding a building and the price of the building. When we first started pursuing it, it was just obstacle after obstacle in the way."

The Acai Bar has been open for about a month now.

"My dream was to do about 250 bowls a day and we have done that or better every single day, so it's definitely been a dream that has come true," said Schniederjan.

More businesses are still to come to the Town Square Village on Soncy in Amarillo and the downtown Amarillo area.

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