Neighborhood at ease after day long standoff

Neighbors are at ease after a standoff that lasted several hours in Amarilloâ??s Puckett area.

According to Amarillo Police the suspect came out of the residence in the 3500 block of Carlton at 5:04pm.

For almost seven hours, streets surrounding the barricaded home were blocked off and neighbors were on alert. Many say this is something that typically doesnâ??t happen in this area.

â??I was like oh no. Thatâ??s terrible. Those poor people,â?? said neighbor Currie Kelln.

Neighbors like Steve Livingston continued feeling safe despite what was going on a few doors away.

â??I didnâ??t feel unsafe at all. Iâ??m pretty comfortable in my own house,â?? said Livingston.

The homeowners were not inside at the time the burglar entered the home. The home experienced damage from the multiple tear gases that were fired inside during the standoff.
Neighbors say they will be coming together to help the homeowners fix back up their home.