Nazareth host Labor Day picnic with pride and patriotism

While the holiday is designed to kick back and relax, the community of Nazareth has not forgotten about those who work for our freedom.

Sunday was the annual event the Holy Family Church of Nazareth host, that joins the community for a day of fun and relaxation. This year, they remember and recognize their service men and woman of the community.

â??This is an exhibit that we set up to honor everyone from Nazareth that is in the military or has a military background. World War I, World War II, Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq and Afghanistan,â?? said Legion Auxiliary President Kathy Birkenfeld.

The exhibit is filled with momentous from the town museum, legion hall, as well as from families. Officials say the exhibit has made its last appearance, but that a collection of letters from local veterans has turned into an ongoing project.

â??We hope to continue with this project and continue gathering information," Kathy Birkenfeld said, "because people have still come up to us and said, you know? I haven't had time to put together my information but Iâ??ve got this wonderful story to tell you or put in the book, and we're going to keep the book going.â??

The exhibit did stay busy, but the annual Labor Day picnic didn't seem to lose any attention.

â??Very family friendly, we have kids games going on over by the church, we have a church exhibit for all the military veterans from Nazareth, I think thereâ??s in the 50â??s,â?? said Parish Council President Cylde Birkenfeld. â??Itâ??s always awesome, always good. We have a lot of fun. so everybody comes and enjoys themselves and are always ready to come back as quick as they can get back.â??

With all the excitement, the event is something special. â??You get everybody to come back that left the community, they're coming home. You get to see all the people that havenâ??t been here in a while, it's a pretty good deal.â?? Birkenfeld said.

Though the picnic has come and gone the veterans story book will be housed at the American Legion in Nazareth for all to see.