Nature center honors famous chief with arrow


eople gathered at the
Wildcat Bluff Nature Center to honor Comanche Chief Quanah Parker.


he nature center is associated with comanche history


and this morning family members of the famous chief gathered to honor his presence and the fact that
Comanche people were one of the first group of people on this land. The 22-foot-long arrow is similar to others being placed in 52 different counties in Texas and Oklahoma.

Great-great grandchild Lesley Pike said, "T

hey're honoring my great


great grandfather, placing another arrow in the comanche territory, where the
Comanches roamed before the white man came. For me it symbolizes, taking my worries up and letting grandfather handle it, a little bit purification."


few counties in the
Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles have also requested an arrow who were not in the 52.