National Weather Service confirms Eight tornados

The National Weather Service in Amarillo confirmed that at least eight tornados touched down in the Texas Panhandle Thursday night. One tornado was also reported in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

The NWS said the first tornado touched down five miles northeast of Goodnight, in Armstrong County around 5:00pm. It's reported the tornado was on the ground for one or two miles and was rated an EF0. The second tornado touched down at 5:10pm southeast of Groom, it lifted 16 minutes later just southeast of Jericho. This tornado was on the ground for eight miles. Tornado number three, also in Armstrong County, touched down at 5:20pm three miles south of Goodnight, it was on the ground for 11 miles. Tornado number four touched down eight miles south of Bryan's Corner in Beaver County, Oklahoma. It was on only on the ground for a quarter of a mile and was rated an EF0. Tornado number five was reported to be eight miles southeast of Groom and was also rated an EF0. Tornados number six and seven were both reported in Gray County both were rated an EF0. Tornado number eight was also in Gray County, 11 miles northeast of Lefors, it was also rated an EF0.

The only damage that was reported were a couple of power poles, fortunately, nobody was injured. The NWS said this information is still preliminary and could change.