National Park Service revamping Lake Meredith

Lake Meredith water levels remain low and the drought has affected the nearby economy in Fritch, but there may be an answer off road.

Fritch City Manager Bobby Lamb says "At one time there were boats at our gas stations.ã?? Now itâ??s 4-wheelers and ATVs."

Off road vehicles are making a big impact on the Rosita Campground on the Canadian River and at Blue Creek at Lake Meredith.

U.S. Park Ranger Paul Jones says, "If youâ??re coming into Rosita or Blue Creek, thereâ??s a traffic counter just for that traffic.ã?? So the off highway vehicle traffic over the last ten years has increased.ã?? Itâ??s actually doubled."

The National Park Service is in the process of coming up with a required plan for off road use, but theyâ??re not stopping there.ã?? Theyâ??re building more hiking, biking and horseback trails.

Lamb says, "Iâ??m hoping they can get it done quickly.ã?? Our business should grow and expand from this adventure theyâ??re doing at the park service.

The government sequester has affected the Park Service.ã?? Jones isnâ??t able to hire another Law Enforcement Officer.ã?? That means six rangers, including himself, need to cover almost 45,000 acres.