National monument highlights special tour for Flint Fest


ue to the government shutdown, the
Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument had to reschedule its annual Flint Fest for November.


he park scheduled three hikes for visitors and hosted nearly
30 guests for its morning tour. Visitors hiked to some of the hidden spots where early Native Americans discovered the flint rock. They made the rock into spears for hunting prehistoric animals and cleaning its hide.


e're talking mammoths and bison, wooly mammoths and all kinds of prehistoric animals.

" Rozanna Pfeiffer of Alibates said.


hey could hunt the animals and then they could process them.
They use the flint scrapers to butcher them, and to clean the hides. It was a really useful and unique tool.


national monument is open seven days a week and gives tours if weather permits.