Mythbusting at home remedies for the common cold

With winter getting closer, and temperatures dropping, all of us will be catching more colds, and many of you have your own special remedies.

We asked you on Facebook today how you handle the common cold, and we spoke with a doctor to find out if any of them actually work.

Studies show adults catch the common cold four to six times a year on average, kids six to ten times a year.

"There's a lot of interest in preventing colds and reducing their symptoms," said TTHSC Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Amanda Griffin.

One way to prevent getting a cold is by washing your hands, but some of you have your own remedies.

One is vitamin-C, which Dr. Griffin says actually holds some weight.

"The studies have been shown to help actually someone was taking vitamin-C for the entire cold and flu season, which brings up the question, is it worth taking a supplement or a medication for a prolonged period of time to possibly shorten the duration of a cold by half a day to one day?"

Another of your solutions is taking zinc, that also has shown signs of helping, but what about one of the more off the wall solutions, putting Vicks VapoRub on your feet?

"Not a lot of studies done interestingly on the Vicks, some people apply it directly to the chest but others applying it to the feet and feel that this does give them or their children some benefit."

A few other wacky at-home solutions both involve whiskey.

"There's no evidence to substantiate that treatment certainly needs to be used with caution certainly would need to take caution with driving afterwards, but really no, for good reason, no studies done if whiskey either with a jalapeno pepper or with lemon and honey have any benefit at all."

Here are United Pharmacy's tips to prevent colds and flu.

Wash your hands, disinfect surfaces, use cough etiquette, use reusable water bottles, and avoid contact with those who are sick.