Musicians unite for Music Scene Mingler

Texas Music for Life invited all local musicians together Sunday for a music scene mingler.

The mixer was held to unite local artists and give them the opportunity to meet one another in an informal setting.

â??Weâ??re really proud that we took the step forward to get this thing going,â?? said Texas Music for Life co-founder Jay Weeks. â??This is just to try to bring more musicians together.â??

The organization noticed that they had not been reaching out to artists of all genres and wanted to fix the problem.

â??We thought the best way to fix that is to get through all the gaps and say hey everybodyâ??s invited,â?? said Weeks. â??We love you all equally, we want you to feel included so thatâ??s why we did it.â??

Musicians like Garrett Eggleston were excited to get the opportunity to be around other local musicians in this setting.

â??A few years ago all of these people were around but itâ??s not like there were events to go to to meet these people,â?? said Eggleston. â??This leads to work, it leads to more shows, more gigs, more fun and more music.â??

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