Musical Drama TEXAS sees attendance up over last year

Most summer programs have wound down for the year, and the numbers are just coming in for the show, "Texas."

An estimated 60,000 people saw this show this past season and those tourism dollars connected to the Palo Duro Canyon are also linked to the city of Canyon.

After the brutal summer and subsequent drought of 2011, any increase in attendance might be expected at TEXAS, but it's always welcome news, according to Kris Miller, Executive Director of "Texas."

"It was a little scary, but the show was so good-word of mouth got out and we promoted the dickens out of it and people started coming and really enjoyed it. By the end of the summer we were at 60,000 which was up quite a bit over last year and we were real pleased."

This year's show was considered very successful, and while it might not match numbers 30 years ago, it's still drawing great crowds.

"The show was so good the grand finale was fabulous, everyone just loved it and we were; working hard in getting people in Amarillo, Canyon and the Panhandle that keep saying, "I haven't seen the show in several years, maybe it's time I go back." Miller's answer to that, "Yes, it is."

That connection from the Palo Duro Canyon into the city of Canyon is a permanent link with tourism being the common denominator. And whatever works well for the one works well for the other.

"Canyon thrives on summer tourism. The city beats differently during the summer so we rely heavily on it and I do know the musical drama TEXAS was better than it's ever been this year and if anyone saw it, I know they told someone else and I know that's why the numbers were high," according to Cheryl Malcolm, Executive Director of the Canyon Chamber of Commerce.

"Texas" just wrapped up it's 45th year and will open again next June.

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