More former employees of Nurses By Prescription tell of paycheck problems

Cindy Ford and Stacey McClain are both Registered Nurses and once worked for Nurses By Prescription.

They tell of the same problems cashing paychecks and subsequently getting paid by the company, owned by Rita Cantwell.

Since Pronews 7 first aired the story last Thursday, numerous former and present employees have contacted us about similar issues.

Stacey McClain says, "We would go into American National Bank because thatâ??s where her account is and the tellers would know you when you walked in but before you even got to the desk theyâ??d just smile and shake their heads because thereâ??s no money in the account."

Cindy Ford says a teller once apologized for the problem.

J.T. Albert was once a client of the company. He says he sometimes cashed his providers checks. "Especially at Christmas time when she had one that wouldnâ??t cash and I cashed it so she could have a Christmas. And then it happened two more times. And it took me weeks to get my money because Iâ??d take the check to the bank but it wouldnâ??t cash."

We contacted the Texas Workforce Commission.

They say theyâ??ve received nine wage claims from employees. Two of those were found in favor of the employee. The remaining seven are either in the investigation stage or have been closed.

Tom Boyd, the attorney for Nurses By Prescription says if employees feel like theyâ??ve had a problem, to please contact the company and they will diligently try to resolve the issues.