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      More former employees complain of Nurses By Prescription

      Brenda Cotney displayed the various checks she received from Nurses By Prescription that she was unable to cash.

      There were quite a few, some with multiple stamps from Amarillo National Bank indicating there were insufficient funds in the company??s account.

      The LVN no longer works for the company but says Nurses By Prescription still owes her money.

      She says, "Not being able to pay car payments, not being able to pay bills. Then I did have savings and it kept us going, but I??ve exhausted our savings."

      Pam Thomas is the former Marketing Director for the company.

      She says, "most of the time I had to ask for my check and if I didn??t get a check I go to Rita (Cantwell) and say, Where??s my check? She would say you didn??t ask for it. And I??d say I didn??t realize I needed to ask for a paycheck?|so I knew the end was coming because I can??t work for free and leaving with money on the table was hard, but I knew if I would keep my sanity I??d need another job."

      Tom Boyd, attorney for the company says if employees are having problems getting paid, they are to contact the company. He says they??re trying to get things resolved."