Mom reveals birthday wishes for missing Canadian teen

Thomas Brown from Canadian has been missing since November 2016.

Missing Canadian teen Thomas Brown's family celebrated his 19th birthday Wednesday. He's been gone almost nine months, but his family is still marking the occasion.

His mom Penny Meek looked at baby photographs of her youngest son as another special occasion passes without him.

"Poor guy,” said Meek as she looked at the pictures. “I didn't think he was going to have any hair."

She considered what his birthday would be like if he were home to celebrate.

"We don't make a huge deal of out of it,” said Meek. “We don't do big gifts. We more so spend time together."

But every birthday has a homemade cake.

"Chocolate,” she said. “It's his favorite."

Every morning when she wakes up her first thought is of her son.

“Where's Thomas?” said Meek.

She said she misses his big smile the most and the way he would make others laugh.

“He is very witty and he always had something funny to say,” she said. “He just has a great sense of humor and he's good at saying bizarre, off the wall things most other people would never come up with."

She continues to wait for an explanation of what happened to her son.

"There is just so little information to go on,” said Meek “There hasn't been a lot of evidence or clues or anything."

As she looked at pictures from a trip from grade school to New York, his favorite place, she replayed the day he disappeared in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day. She remembered the last time she talked with him before he left to hang out with friends.

"He asked me for my debt card so he could get gas and I said 'you are killing me, kid,’” said Meek.

Police found his car and his backpack, but despite a $40,000 reward for other information what happened that night remains a mystery.

"I'm not really sure what happened but whatever happened,” said Meek. “He didn't plan for it for it to happen. I know that."

His mom believes he is coming home alive even though the months are about to turn into a year.

"I think as a mom, though, I think I would know,” she said. “I think I would feel if he was deceased and I have never, ever thought that he was."

So she continues to look for clues.

"I've tried to find his keys, his cell phone, his wallet,” said Meek. “Anything I could find. Because his car is here at my house, I try not to get into the car too much, just in case it was ever needed for evidence. Sometimes I go look inside the car just to see if there is anything we missed or could be important."

Meek said her faith keeps her strong as the search for answers continues. This year for his birthday she said the best gift is prayers for his safe return.

The Hemphell County Sheriff said the investigation continues.

If you have any information on Thomas Brown or his disappearance, call the Texas Rangers or to report anonymously, call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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