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      Mom creates multi-million dollar company, helps rebuild community

      CNN -

      A mom with a dream turned to her sewing machine during tough times...and then turned all of those stitches into a multi-million dollar business.

      Brandi Temple is helping other get back on their feet, too.

      It all started when her husband gave her a sewing machine for Mother's Day. Brandi said he asked her if she was really going to use it.

      Now, of course, he says it's the best investment he's ever made.

      She started out making dresses for her daughters.

      And then the recession hit and her husband's work dries up, but Brandi has an idea: Why not sell those little creations on Facebook?

      "It was that a-ha moment of almost hitting the jackpot," she said.

      In 30 seconds, they were completely sold out, and Lolly Wolly Doodle was born.

      In 18 months, she moved from her garage to a large warehouse.

      Now, the company does $11 million in sales a year, landing Temple on the cover of INC. Magazine.

      But it's not just her life that changed, but also the lives of those she employs.

      Sherry, an employee of LWD, said she expects that she would be in a homeless shelter if not for being hired there.

      Her employees are her neighbors in Lexington, N.C., a textile town ravaged by unemployment, hitting 14 percent during the recession.

      LWD is now one of the biggest employers of the town, and Temple offers advice to anyone else with a dream: "When you lay your head down at night, be able to do that knowing that you did everything that you could."

      A business and a community built one dress at a time. That is #AmericaStrong.