'Modern day dustbowl' puts Texas panhandle in danger

ABC -- Last night, 26 million Americans were in a storm zone filled with super cells.

In the midwest, families reeling from tornadoes. And now the east coast is bracing for the rain on the way.

Last night they were on alert for tornados and flash floosing. Torrential rains soaking Virginia and overnight a twister did this Michigan. A stormy week that wasn't done yet.

The morning's storms brought this light show to Oklahoma, and at night six states were threatened by flash floods.

Other places, though, are far too dry. Government forecasters warned extreme drought has the west in a 'stranglehold' that will help supercharge summer wildfires.

Here in the Texas panhandle, it's been the driest three years on record. Climatologists call it a modern day dustbowl.

All that rain....not enough for some...far too much for others.