Mock Congress to hammer out U.S. budget problems

We hear the argument all the time... why doesn't the federal government have to keep a balanced budget like most people? That was the core idea behind a special meeting in Canyon today.

Congressman Mac Thornberry and members of the Concord Coalition, a non-partisan group held a meeting with about 50 people to hash out the budget.

Those people learned about where the money goes and then were asked how they would tackle a multi trillion dollar budget to run the country.

According to Thornberry, "The toughest challenge ahead will be entitlements, because that's where 2/3 of the money goes, and we will not have social security and Medicare in the future unless we start to change it for the younger workers."

And those sentiments were echoed by the coalition representative, Phil Smith.

"In fact, you could cut out the rest of the budget and if you don't reform entitlements, eventually, it's like a cancer and it will eat up all the budget if we don't address them in the next few years. Basically, the federal government is just going to be a benefits agency with an army."

The current federal budget is estimated to be just short of 3 and a half trillion dollars. Thornberry doesn't believe much will be done with the budget this year in Congress, because it is an election year.