Missing toddler found inside vending machine

CNN -- M
any of us have played the classic claw machine as a kid, and possibly spent endless quarters trying to snag that special prize.

But one Nebraska toddler took it a step further -- he actually climbed inside the machine!

On Monday evening, Curious George wasn't the only curiosity in the vending machine at a bowling alley in Lincoln, Neb.

Rachell Hildreth of Madsen's Bowling & Billiards couldn't believe it until she saw it for herself.

"there's like a 3-year-old inside the machine, playing with the stuffed animals, just throwing them around," Hildreth said.

They believe he crawled in through the prize door which has a safety stop, then he scaled into the pit. He wasn't hurt or scared.

"There must have been 25 people surrounding him, but he didn't notice anybody. He was just inside playing with the stuffed animals," she said.

But how to get him out?

Police Officers, actually, were already across the street after responding to a call by a mom in the same neighborhood as Madsen's who said she came out of the bathroom of her home, and found her baby missing.

The toddler, apparently, left the home, went to the bowling alley, and climbed inside the claw machine where he was found by authorities.

The toddler even got to keep one of his new stuffed friends as a reminder of his unbelievable adventure.

Police said the mother was not cited because she contacted police as soon as she realized her son was missing.