Mindfest, Children take part in a summer brain drain

Do you ever just wonder how some things work?

Saturday, August 24, 2013 the Don Harrington Discovery Center hosted their annual Mindfest event allowing folks to get an inside look and hands-on experience with some tricky mind benders.

It was officially time for the summer brain drain, as children are preparing to go back to school and that is exactly what the Discovery Center had planned for Saturday.

The annual Mindfest is an all day festival for everyone with a curious and playful mind.

"We're letting kids come out and actually be creative. A lot of our activities that we're doing today are open-ended," said Discovery Center representative, Mandi Ried "We've got an area for them to build with wood, do crafts, and things like that. It's really just a fun bash for kids to come have fun right before they go back to school."

Children and adults alike enjoyed multiple hands-on activities while also touring the facility.

Activities included a construction zone, car demolition, tinkering and kite building studio, bubblemania, and of course sky rockets.

Visitor, Josh Linan took a second to share what his favorite activities are.

"I broke the car. I took the bumper off and I shot one of the water rockets into the bucket," said Linan.

Science demonstrations and artists were also at the Discovery Center, offering tips and answering questions about their work.

While the day was full of fun, visitors of all ages were also able to walk away with new found knowledge.

The Perry family said they visit the Discovery Center on a weekly basis, but they really enjoy the Mindfest.

"We're just having a good time with the family and we're excited to see what the car looks like when they get it all taken apart," said Erica Perry.

The day was about letting kids and the inner child in adults out to have fun, be creative, inventive, and learn something new, because after all there is a little scientist in everyone!

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