Mind over fatter! The most popular ways Amarilloans are losing weight

Results from the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge!

Have you ever thought that the key to losing weight may be just changing your mind?

Kristin Wylie an MA LPC Intern has developed a unique program called This is not a Diet and she believes a proper mind set is all you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. "I use behavioral cognitive therapy which is basically big fancy words for if you can change your thinking patterns you can change your eating habits. People who struggle with their weight generally have the same thinking patterns as those who are depressed or have anxiety and so we can use the therapy to change the thinking pattern and therefor change the behavior"

Wylie says weight loss should be slow if it's healthy, really half a pound a week is pretty healthy.

She encourages three balanced meals a day with three healthy snacks in between and exercising at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

For more healthy tips from Kristian visit her This is not a Diet Facebook at!/BBHSClinic

Advocare is also wildly popular. The product promises energy and weight loss at a fast but healthy rate.

Steven Liles with Advocare says it's a unique system that is formatted for each individual person. "We use 3 different nutrient systems that we incorporate during the 24 day challenge, it's not a one size fits all plan we have the e, the c, and the 3. The E is for energy, the c is for appetite control and the 3 is basically for overall wellness.

The first ten days are a cleansing process where a person can take a citrus cleanse, an omega complex and an energy drink called Spark. The rest of the process is a Max Process where more weight is lost.

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