Michael Sullivan stops in Amarillo for Tea Party Patriots meeting

The Amarillo Tea Party Patriots invited president of Empower Texans, Michael Sullivan to their monthly meeting Tuesday to discuss what he discovered at the legislative session.

The organization meets monthly to educate themselves on what is going on within government. They do not endorse any candidate or political party. However, inform themselves and stay up to date with current government policies.

â??We actually like the people to come to the meeting, be informed, listen for themselves and make their own decisions,â?? said Amarillo Tea Party Patriots President Jodi Maner. â??I donâ??t have to tell them what they need to believe in. They can decide for themselves once they met and visited with those people.â??

Sullivan was in the middle of the legislative session and the organization was interesting in discovering what information he had.

â??Ultimately, the most thing we can do to reshape our cities, our state, our nation is for citizens to remember that theyâ??re actually in charge,â??said Sullivan. â??Elected officials work for us.â??

Sullivan reported that according to the Texas Public Policy Foundation Wall Street Journal, Texas has had a 26% increase in state spending this session to last session.

Sullivan also stated that one of the facts he believed would surprise locals was discovering that 94% of Republican voters said that they wanted stricter constitutional spending limits.

â??You canâ??t get 94% of Republicans to agree on what color the sky is, yet 94% of Republican voters said they want stricter constitutional spending limits,â?? said Sullivan. â??Yet the Republican controlled legislature refused to even take up that kind of question. Those are the type of things we should be asking our elected officials about.â??

The Amarillo Tea Party Patriots meet every third Tuesday of the month.

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