Miami students SHINE during production

There was a special performance of students who showcased their acting skills in Miami, Texas Thursday night.

For the first time since 1988, Miami Independent School District has a theatre class. To show that off and the band, and art students, there was a SHINE Production that the public was invited to attend.

"The event tonight is SHINE, Student Hosted Independent Night of Entertainment and for the past month and a half all theatre arts students, band students, and art students have been preparing pieces to show off tonight," said Brian Broadbent, Miami High School Senior.

That was the plan, to showcase the talents of these students. But so is showing off the newly re-established theatre arts class.

"It's going to be good just to have the theatre program, the band program re-establish itself here in Miami. I think it was something that the kids wanted," said Blair Hall, Miami ISD Teacher.

So much so, they've worked for a month and a half perfecting their acting chops. They've worked on several skits.

"I really like acting so just getting to act," said Grace Roberson, Miami HS Junior.

"Kind of nervous we haven't had a fall program as long as I've been here so it's really exciting," said Broadbent.

"It's amazing, and I love it," said Shelby Bell, Miami HS Junior.

Others just like the social aspect of having the class in place.

"I like when we're all up there and we're having fun and laughing and joking around that's my favorite part," said Vanassa Castillo, Miami HS Junior.

The students say they will bring everything, drama, comedy, and story telling to their performances. Performances the school says is the talk of the town.

SHINE started following the school district's Hall of Fame Induction.