Men celebrate Christmas at Another Chance House

Rick Standiford has lived the past five months at Another Chance House as a temporary guest, there to meet a forever life goal.

"I've made a personal commitment to be here for a year, and what I hope to do is become self-sufficient and get a program of recovery under my belt," Standiford said.

Standiford said he needed a fresh start before things got out of control, and the program was a perfect fit.

"I had a career, lost a career and found myself in the depths of alcoholism and drug addiction," he said.

The program currently houses 69 men, half of whom are veterans. Another Chance House takes formally homeless men and gives them just that, another chance.

Assistant Director Bobby Nixon said, "They have to do their part and whatever the reason is that they become homeless whether it be drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness, loss of family, loss of job. You do your foot work and we'll give you a clean and safe place to stay."

According to Nixon men who are admitted to the program stay anywhere from 12-18 months and each day with a new goal, but for Christmas with all goals set aside, it was time to celebrate as a family.

"Well you see it, we just come here to have lunch together and just be around the people that are in the same shoe, identify with each other and support each other," Standiford said.