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      Mega Millions jackpot soars to $640 million

      ATLANTA (AP) - Lottery officials say they are increasing the MegaMillions lottery jackpot to $640 million, raising what was already a world-record prize.

      Kimberly Starks, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Lottery, said Friday the jackpot had increased. The jackpot had stood at $540 million before Friday's announcement. The previous record jackpot was $390 million in 2007.

      A drawing for the fortune is set for 11 p.m. Friday in Atlanta.

      The odds of winning the jackpot had been set at about 1 in 176 million.

      MegaMillions has drawn long lines of lottery players in stores in the 42 states plus Washington, D.C., and the Virgin Islands where tickets are sold. The world-record jackpot has also lured some residents to travel to other states to buy $1 tickets.

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