Meet the 'Colonel' - Meredith Keller's father

Col. Michael J. Keller and his daughter, Meredith

So often I get the opportunity to go into viewers homes across the Panhandle and tell their story, maybe I've had the pleasure of telling yours. So I thought I'd even things up a bit and introduce you to a little piece of my story.

My Father is a Colonel in the U.S. Military and is a big part as to why I do what I do. It was during his four deployments to the Middle East over the course of a decade that I fell in love with news. The anchors and reporters were storytellers and not only did they do it well, they let me know my dad was safe. I realized how important their jobs were and how crucial it was that they provided accurate information in a way that's easy to understand.

On Memorial Day I went down to my hometown of Plainview to watch my Dad give a speech on the holiday and it's true meaning . I took a camera and sat down with him, because I want you to meet him. Enjoy.