Meet Jeremiah, this week's Waiting Child

One of the favorite places kids want to go when we tape our waiting child features, is the arcade at Mr. Gattis.

That's where we get to meet jeremiah on his quest to find a big brother and win the most tickets of the day.

Hand any 11 year old a cup with a few tokens from Mr. Gattis' arcade... and get out of the way. Jeremiah knows how to work the machines and is pretty good at hitting jackpots.

He lives with his mom and says as a young man, he knows the importance of having an older guy in his life.

"I don't have an older guy in my life and I'd really like to have that older influence. I have a sister but no brother."

Obviously, he likes arcade games but also likes video games, getting out of the house now and then and would like to do some guy stuff, preferably with a big brother.

Want to go do things with a guy I can't do now. Video games, bike riding, skateboarding...I'm just needing someone to hang out with.

When all was said and done, Jeremiah had to be the big winner of the day with almost 900 tickets redeemed which he saved on a voucher to be turned in another time. About the only thing that would make him a bigger winner, would be getting matched up with a big brother...and until that happens, Jeremiah will be waiting.