Medical Student Residency Match Day

Upholding the annual American medical school tradition of match day being third Friday in March, today medical students here in Amarillo, just like their counterparts nationwide, discovered where they will be completing their residency.

In an envelope opening ceremony held at the Amarillo country club, these local medical students from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center were visibly emotional, as they discovered their fate for this next chapter in their medical career.

Josh Wesley, who matched at Waco Family Medicine said "Itâ??s good, I spent four years to get here, so itâ??s good to finally know where weâ??re going and be moving on to the next stage."

The residency component of medical training is an important part of becoming a doctor. During the next 3-5 years, these soon to be doctors will hone in on their specialty of choice.

Three students from Texas Tech matched for residency programs right here in Amarillo.