Medical Minute: Sleep apps to help you snooze!

When it comes to going to bed, a lot of us are so stressed, we just can't get any shut-eye.

There are plenty of medications that claim they can help people sleep but some drugs have side effects, so a lot of folks choose to toss and turn until they doze off.

Introducing sleep apps, applications you can download on your smart phone, or tablets.

From using soothing sounds that help you relax, to tracking your sleep patterns, these apps claim they can help you get a better night's sleep.

Recently the Food and Drug Administration announced they will begin monitoring health apps, to make sure they are safe, and do what they claim.


octors say, even if these programs do cause you to become drowsy, chances are those who download them are having sleep problems that may need to be treated by a physician.

The reason being? M

any sleep issues, such as sleep apnea, can lead to serious problems.