Medical Breakthroughs: Homemade health help

A spoonful combination of honey and cinnamon seem to be causing a stir in the social networking world, many claiming the mixture can cure almost anything, but does it work?

Pharmacist Doug Lil with Martin Tipton Pharmacy says to a certain extent it does do the body good. " There are studies that show honey is great for calming a cough, but it must be in a pure, organic, and raw form."

Lil says cinnamon has many powerful properties such as it decreases blood sugar levels, stimulates the brain, contains phytonutrients, antioxidants, is antibacterial and antifungal!

Ever heard a little bit of apple cider vinegar a day goes a long way? Lil says this is good for you as well, but not a cure all by any means. " It has lots of phytoenzymes and that helps your body to absorb nutrients, it's feeding the good bacteria in your gut. That's why it's called a prebiotic," Lil said.

These powerful potions are worth a peak, but not meant to be a substitute for a doctors care.