McCormick Road resident charged with murder

According to the Randall County Sheriff's Department Jerry Funk, the 54-year-old suspect is being charged with murder and is being held on a $150,000 bond.

Randall County authorities are releasing limited information about the McCormick Road shooting, because the incident is still under investigation.

"It's too early, and we can't release too much because it could jeopardize our investigation," PIO for Randall County Sheriff's Department Danny Alexander said.

What we know is this: A white male, yet to be identified, went to 54-year-old Jerry Funk's home. According to police the two men got into an argument, which then escalated and ended with Funk shooting the man in the stomach.

Both Funk and the victim were transported to Northwest Texas Hospital, the victim in critical condition headed straight for emergency surgery. Doctors treated Funk for minor injuries, and he was later released to Randall County deputies.

"He was being questioned at the time the victim died, then we arrested him on a murder charge and placed him into our jail," Alexander said.

According to Alexander the altercation never made it inside, and the victim was found outside by his vehicle.

Funk was arraigned Tuesday, and is being held on a $150,000 bond, while the victim was taken to Lubbock for an autopsy.

Though the biggest question remains, "We have had several stories, and we're trying to get the evidence and the witnesses to kind of lead us in the right direction as to why they got into an altercation," Alexander said.