Mayor addresses questions concerning Amarillo's Animal Control

The investigation into Amarillo's Animal Control continues, and now Mayor Paul Harpole has decided to answer questions some concerned citizens have had for weeks.

Currently there is ongoing investigation of improper euthanasia at the city facility, and two department heads of Animal Control are on paid leave.

After addressing what Amarillo's Mayor thinks is the root of the problem, he confirmed it again today. "The root is irresponsible people," Harpole said. "I can't place the blame anywhere else, now that doesn't mean we did everything we could, no we didn't."

Harpole said he's not excusing what the city was "lacking in," but he said since Scott McDonald has been appointed interim director, Amarillo's Animal Control is on the right path. We asked how the city let the problems get this far, and he said, "We're looking at a standard the state sets, and there are things you have to do to meet that standard. We don't want to do that anymore. We want to meet a higher standard."

Hapole said as far as the ongoing investigation into Animal Control's euthanasia practices, it's normal for a city to have its police department launch an investigation.

"Any crime that happens in the city we turn over to APD," Harpole said. "They have the skills and the training, and I trust them."

But according to Harpole, in time they'll have more answers.